Nov 24

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Peek at the Week 11-18-18

Good evening Ward Families,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here is the Ward Peek at the Week. Thank you to our parents that visited our P.E. classes last week. We appreciate you coming out to support our school. Also, thank you to all of our parents that supported our PTA fundraiser. We appreciate you supporting our school in this way! Lastly, thank you to our 5th grade students for their superb chorus performance. They did a fantastic job!

We will have our very first school community meeting tomorrow to celebrate our students and their support of our canned food drive. We encourage each student to show their school spirit by wearing their grade level building success t-shirts. As a school, we collected over 800 cans as of our last count! Great job to all of our students. A special shout out to our top three classes that collected the most cans:

1st place- Ms. Blackburn’s class with 130 cans
2nd place- Mrs. Sides’ class with 125 cans
3rd place- Mrs. Victoriano’s class with 117 cans

We are excited to celebrate Grandparents’ Day on Tuesday, November 20th. Please ensure that RSVPs are returned no later than tomorrow to help us to anticipate the number of attendees. As a reminder, only visitors that have permission to eat lunch with students (via the returned RSVP or they may be listed on the blue authorization form) will be able to participate in Grandparents’ Day per the new county policy related to lunch time visitors. Also, all attendees must bring their driver’s licenses in order to participate. Please be sure to remind all adults that plan to visit us this week.

Grandparents’ Day Lunch Times are below (lunch times have been adjusted for this occasion):

 Lunch Times:

10:05- 10:35- Hackney (PreK)                         11:05- 11:35-  Sides (5th)                    11:50-12:20-  Jones (3rd)

10:10- 10:40- Alvis (PreK)                              11:10- 11:40 –  Wright (Kg)                  11:55-12:25-   Blackburn (3rd)

10:15-10:45- Scoville-Murphy (4th)               11:15- 11:45-  Lambert (Kg)                12:00-12:30-   Clem (2nd)

10:20- 10:50-Harris  (4th)                             11:20-11:50-    Howard (Kg)                 12:05-12:35-  Ernst (2nd)

10:25- 10:55-Johnson (1st)                            11:25-11:55-   Tempel (4th)                 12:10-12:40-   Whitt (2nd)

10:30- 11:00-Farrar (1st)                               11:30-12:00-   Kelly (4th)                     12:20-12:50-   Fischer (2nd)

10:35- 11:05 -Fritz (1st)                                 11:35-12:05-  Wilson (4th)                  12:30-1:00-    Gary (5th)

10:40- 11:10- Cottrell (1st)                             11:40-12:10-   Melendez (4th)                       12:35-1:05- McCannon (5th)

11:00- 11:30- Victoriano (5th)                         11:45-12:15 –  Layton (3rd)                 12:40-1:10-    Fox (5th)

We are looking forward to a great two days at Ward and wish all of our families a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great week!


Ms. Chatman
Proud Principal
Ward Elementary School

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