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1st Grade Supplies and Expectations

1st Grade Supply List

Henry D. Ward Elementary School


Please label these items with your child’s name:

4-24 pack of crayons

1 pair of scissors

1  plastic folders with pockets  

3 black and white composition books

1 large old t-shirt for art

1 pack of washable markers (Basic colors please)

1 school supply box (5×8 size to fit inside a student desk)


Please DO NOT label the following items:

48 sharpened #2 YELLOW pencils

4 dry erase markers

48 glue sticks

2 large boxes of tissues

1 container of Clorox Wipes

1 box of quart size Ziploc bags (girls bring)

1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags (boys bring)







Thank you for your support,

First Grade Teachers



First Grade Expectations

We are looking forward to meeting your child next school year in first grade.  We have compiled a summary of first grade objectives and suggestions to help you and your child prepare for a smooth transition.  Keep in mind that this is a list of what will be taught in first grade, not what they are expected to already know coming into first grade.  However, any progress you make in the summer toward these goals can only make the year easier for your child.  See the last section for ideas to stimulate your child and keep his/her skills sharp over the summer.

Students in first grade will have many academic responsibilities, including:



*Apply letter names and sounds learned in Kindergarten

*Listen and follow multiple-step directions

*Read word wall words presented each week

*Listen to books we read each day during story time and respond to questions

*Write about a story that was read

*Write sentences independently using the correct capitalizations and punctuation

*Print legibly and form letters correctly and fluently from memory

*Space words and sentences in writing

*Write first and last name

*Alphabetize to the first letter

*Make and use a personal dictionary

*Initiate conversation and follow rules for conversation

*Create rhyming words orally

*Blend sounds to make words

*Segment sounds to spell words

*Match voice to print

*Read from left to right, top to bottom

*Use beginning and ending consonants

*Use vowel sounds

*Set a purpose for reading and confirm predictions when reading

*Read familiar books with fluency and expression

*Retell stories with a beginning, middle and ending



*Count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100

*Count back from 30

*Add and subtract up to 18

*Graph information

*Tell time to the hour and half hour

*Recognize and count groups of like and mixed coins

*Read a calendar and answer questions about it

*Measure (length, weight, volume)

*Write and identify place value of numbers 0-100

*Recognize and continue a pattern (numeric, shape, color)

*Solve oral and written story problems

*Geometry (shapes, sides, corners/vertices)

*Fractions of a whole and fractions of a group

*Sort and classify objects according to size, shape, color, etc.



*Famous Americans:  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, and Eleanor Roosevelt

*Map skills (directions, symbols, map legend)

*United States Symbols (flag, bald eagle, Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty)

*Economics concepts:  needs/wants, goods/services, producers/consumers

*History: Timelines, change, past/present/future

*Holidays:  Columbus Day, President’s Day, and Independence Day

*Good Citizenship



*Scientific Investigation:  five senses

*Plants:  needs, parts and functions

*Sun and Earth (rotation)

*Mixing and dissolving

*Natural Resources (pollution, conservation, recycling)

*Forces, Motion and Energy


Here are some things you can do over the summer to help prepare your child:


*Read with your child every day

*Visit the library to check out books that your child can read and books that you can read to them.

*Review letters, sounds and practice writing 3 letter words

*Notice everyday words in the grocery store and on street signs

*Help your child tell the date using a calendar

*Take your child to museums, parks and other cultural facilities

*Be positive in all academic pursuits and most importantly, Have Fun!

Thank you for all the work you do with your child to prepare them for a successful first grade year.  It will be an exciting year of learning!



The First Grade Teachers

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