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4th Grade Supplies and Expectations

Ward Elementary

4th Grade Supply List



For School:


  • 7 plastic folders with brads
  • 4 three-subject spiral notebooks
  • 3 one-subject spiral notebooks
  • 2 marble composition notebooks (at least 180 pages each)
  • 3 package of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper
  • 24 dry-erase (wipe off) markers
  • 1 large zipper pencil pouch
  • 4 dozen plain, wooden #2 pencils
  • 1 pair of regular size scissors
  • 3 packages of highlighters
  • 1 package of ink pens (Blue or Green Preferred)
  • 24 large glue sticks
  • 2-4 pink erasers
  • 1 box of 24-count crayons
  • 1 package of markers
  • 1 package of colored pencils
  • 1 package of 3×5 index cards
  • 1 art smock (or old shirt) that can stay at school all year
  • 5 boxes of tissues
  • 1 clear plastic shoe bin container (6 quart): at Dollar Store, Target, Wal-mart)


  • BOYS: 2 boxes of sandwich size zipper seal bags
*We will label all supplies at school—please do not label individual supplies!


  • BOYS: 2 containers of hand sanitizer (30 ounces)
  • GIRLS: 2 boxes of gallon size zipper seal bags
  • GIRLS: 2 containers of Clorox Wipes
  • 1 box of multiplication flash cards
  • 1 box of division flash cards


Teacher Wish List

4 Clorox Wipes                                        4 Paper Mate Flair Pens

4 Band-Aids                                             4 Recess equipment (kickball)

4 “Starburst” candy                                 4 Pack of clear page protectors


4th Grade Expectations


At Ward, we believe that teaching goes far beyond the classroom.  A student’s success requires a shared responsibility by students, teachers, parents, and the community.  We expect students to arrive at school prepared to learn each and every day.  Being prepared means having a positive attitude, self-discipline, homework completed, and the necessary school supplies.

Homework: Students will be assigned daily homework and studying. You should expect about 60 min of nightly homework that includes approximately 20 min. of math practice, 20 min. reading passage, and 20 min. of studying for VA Studies.

Parent Communication: Each night, students will be bringing home an agenda book with their assignments written down.  You will be responsible for signing this and the behavior chart daily.  Teachers will send graded papers home weekly or biweekly.  You will need to sign and return the grade report and keep the graded papers in a safe spot for SOL review later in the year.

Math:  Students are expected to know the multiplication facts coming into the fourth grade.  We will continue with multiplication & division, place value through millions, decimals, fractions, measurement, and elapsed time.  Please check out the VDOE website for a complete list of SOL’s.

Writing:  Students are required to write in complete sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation. Students will also complete Word Study activities throughout the year.

Science:  Science concepts include: experiments, electricity, magnets, force & motion, plants, ecosystems, space systems, and weather.

Virginia Studies:  Virginia Studies includes the geography of Virginia, Jamestown, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and 20th and 21st Century living.


Important Reminders

-Keep reading every day!

-Make sure to practice multiplication facts daily!!!

-Take advantage of the opportunities at the local library!  They have a list of Accelerated Reader book titles for Ward Elementary.

-Please arrive with ALL SUPPLIES the first week of school.  We will use them immediately and they are necessary for success!

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