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Clubs & Organizations


Sponsored by our School Counselor, Mrs. Lauren Rice.  Ward’s Student Council Association promotes leadership development opportunities to prepare students to serve their school and community.  Our student leaders are responsible, positive role models who work hard to make a difference in the Ward community.


PRESIDENT (5TH GRADE) – The president presides over meetings, helps make sure all projects and activities are carried out and works closely with the sponsor.


VICE PRESIDENT (4TH GRADE) – The vice president must know the president’s job well and be able to replace him/her in case of absence. The vice president helps the president with every activity and coordinates any committees, which might be formed.


TREASURER (5TH GRADE) – The treasurer must keep neat and accurate records of all SCA money. He or she must also report at each meeting on how much money the Council has and how much it has spent.




Sponsored by our Physical Teacher, Meghan Gouldin.  Safety is one of our top priorities here at Ward Elementary.  Our safety patrols act as role models and assist with the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal of students.


Ward Elementary 2019-2020

Committees & Responsibilities


Leadership Team/PBIS Data                 Culture Committee

Chair: Chatman                                        Chairs: Rice and Clem

KG:  Wright                                                                Kg: Lambert, Gary, Wright

1st:   Cottrell                                                                 1st-Ahearn, Stuckey, Cottrell

2nd:  Whitt                                                                    2nd: Fischer, Clem, Whitt

3rd:  Blackburn                                                            3rd: Jones, Blackburn

4th:  Tempel                                                                 4th: Tempel, Melendez, Bradley

5th:  Thompson/Fricker                                               5th: Franck, Victoriano, Fricker

Counselor: Rice                                                          EXED: Boyd, Turner, Summers

EXED:  Jenkins                                                          PreK: Jefferson

TI: Claughton and Walter                                           LAMP: Nelson, Greene, Ahiable

AsP: Cynthia Jefferson

Resource Teacher: Danielle Sims

LAMP: Gouldin


Safety- Chair: V. Hackney                    

PreK: Hackney

K:    Ernst

1st:  Lancaster

2nd: Clem

3rd:  Carroll

4th:  Scoville

5th:  T. Wilson

EXED: Lindo

LAMP: Meagher


United Way:  Meagher                                              Powerschool Contact:  Sims

Webmaster:  Tempel                                                Math CCT:  Walter

Computer Contact: Sims                                          Social Studies CCT:  Melendez

Spelling Bee:  Ahiable                                               Science CCT:  Victoriano

Volunteer Coordinator: Chase                                Media Contact: Cynthia Jefferson

PTA Representatives: Fischer and Carroll              TAC Representative:  Shelley Greene

Coalition: Turner                                                       School Counseling Advisory Rep:  Clem

Safety Patrols:  Gouldin                                            School Community Partners Rep:  Chase

Yearbook: PTA                                                          Mentor Coordinator: Clem

Service Learning Coordinator: Lauren Rice           Textbook Contact: Sims

SCA: Scoville                                                              RAD: Tiffany Chatman

Basketball Coaches: Tempel and Gouldin                 Cheer Coach: Kim Robinson

Step/Dance Team Coach: Monique Gary                  Art Club: Meagher

STEAM Club: Nelson

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