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Faculty and Staff

School Administration

Tiffany Chatman, Principal

Cynthia Jefferson, Associate Principal

Danielle Sims, Resource Teacher

Office Staff

Vanna Atkinson, Secretary

Susan Cherry, Office Assistant

Therese Silberman, School Nurse

Pre-K (blog)

Vivian Hackney and Yolanda Smith (IA)

Cameshea Jefferson and Kim Robinson (IA)

Kindergarten (blog)

Rebekah Wright

J.T. Lambert

Nick Ernst

Monique Gary

1st Grade (blog)

Melissa Cottrell

Michelle Ahearn

Emily Lancaster

2nd Grade (blog)

Holly Whitt

Kim Clem – Blog

Rebecca Fischer

3rd Grade (blog)

Lauren Blackburn

Chella Jones

Ashley Carroll

4th Grade (blog)

Mark Tempel

Lashanda Melendez

5th Grade (blog)

Melanie Thompson

Lauren Fricker

T. Wilson

Abigail Franck

4th Grade Gifted

Shannon Murphy-Scoville

Emily Bradley

5th Grade Gifted

Jessica Victoriano

Resource (blog)

Megan Gouldin

Shelley Greene

Veronica Meagher

Najah Ahiable

Ashley Nelson

Innovative Learning Coach

Julia Franklin


Nora Coleman

Gifted Resource Teacher

Jessica Harris

Title I Reading Teacher

Cierra Claughton

Title I Math Teacher

Elizabeth Walter

Exceptional Education (blog)

Suzanne Jenkins and Melissa Vayo (IA) and Crystal Johnson (IA)*

Tiffani Turner and Louanne Ambrose (IA)

Ciara Boyd and Colleen Clarke (IA)

Christy Lindo, Joann Washington, Nikita Brown, Ebony Edwards (IA)

Cathy Summers and Donna Hart (IA)

Andrew Canada – Physical Therapist

Jessica Kirby – Occupational Therapist

Lorena Emerson – Speech Pathologist

Kendra Vendetti – School Psychologist

Gillian A. Aikin – School Social Worker


Lauren Rice- School Counselor Blog

Sherrie Chase – Family Advocate

Giorgio Edem-Technical Support Technician

Custodial Staff

Faye Pace, Roger Brown, and Terry Quivers

Maintenance Staff

Brian Stanley, Jesse Purdue and Ricky Stone

Cafeteria Staff

Dreama Kelly – Cafeteria Manager

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Twitter: @Ward_Colts

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