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Faculty and Staff

School Administration

Tiffany Chatman, Principal

Cynthia Jefferson, Associate Principal

Sarah Porter, Resource Teacher


Office Staff

Vanna Atkinson, Secretary

Susan Cherry, Office Assistant

Melanie Johnson, School Nurse



Monique Gary and Yolanda Smith (IA)

Stacey Bowman and Crystal Johnson (IA)



Rebekah Wright*

Noran Knight


1st Grade

James  Lambert*

Sophia Wall

Mackenzie Keating

Tonya Pervall-Harvey


2nd Grade

Kim Clem*

Marley Epperson

Anna Robison


3rd Grade

Lauren Blackburn*

Ashley Carroll

Chella Jones


4th Grade

Mark Tempel*

Sarah Smith

Emily Bradley (Gifted)


5th Grade

Melanie Thompson*

Abigail Morley

Tamika Wilson

Danielle DerAsadourian (Gifted)


Exceptional Education

Suzanne Jenkins (ExEd teacher)* and Charlene Hughes (IA)

Lauren Rowland (ExEd teacher)and LouAnne Ambrose (IA)

Karen Metz (ExEd teacher) and Nettie Jones (IA)

Ciara Boyd (AIS teacher), Brianna Winston (IA), and Jessica Patron (IA)

Christy Lindo (FIS teacher) and Alexis Shackleford (IA)

Patrice Jones (AIS teacher) and Colleen Clark (IA)

 – Physical Therapist

Stacey Carroll – Occupational Therapist

Stephanie Steele – Speech Pathologist

Kendra Vendetti – School Psychologist

– School Social Worker


LAMP/Resource Teachers

Meghan Gouldin* – Physical Education

Mary Pinkerton  – Visual Arts

Najah Ahiable and Amber Weeks (IA) – Library

Shelley Greene – Music



Lauren Rice – School Counselor (Blog)

Artezia Mercer – School Counselor

Tricia Pavlik- Gifted Resource Teacher

Jennifer Grau – Title I Reading Teacher

Elizabeth Walter – Title I Math Teacher

Sherrie Chase – Family Advocate

Joe Claravall – Technical Support Technician

Ashley Nelson – ILC


Custodial Staff

Faye Pace, Roger Brown, and Terry Quivers


Maintenance Staff

Brian Stanley, Travis Peters, and Jesse Purdue


Cafeteria Staff

Amy Garten – Cafeteria Manager


* – denotes team leader

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